Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Crazy Nesting

OK, I think we better get a referral soon....I'm going NUTS nesting! We are open to siblings under the age of 5 of either gender.......we could get twin 3 year olds or a baby and a four year old, a boy and a girl, two girls, twin babies, or a single baby ect. ect. ect. We have no idea how to prepare but are feeling the need to start preparing.
So here is where we are getting crazy...We bought another twin bed for in our daughters room just in case we receive a referral of a toddler girl.
This weekend my mom found a used crib really cheap and it matches the crib we already have for your son....so what the heck, lets buy it!!!! So we did.
Today we went to a furniture store, just to look around and the salesman said to us "I have a really good deal for you, if you don't mind fixing a bunk bed." (It's a twin over full) Well, my husband is a farm boy and can fix anything.........We bought the bunk bed.
So right now we can sleep.....
TWO infant in the cribs and FIVE older children between the two twin beds and the bunk bed.
SEVEN children!!!!! Man, would that be a FUN house!!!
We might be short on bathroom space!
If we don't get a referral soon......who knows how many beds we'll have in this house.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Well we received our bi-weekly update from our adoption agency. We are at a stand still with our numbers.
Boy #7
Girl #9
Siblings #1

The neat thing is that the Ethiopian adoption program is exploding!!! Our update gave us the over all numbers on all the lists and it's just amazing. Here are the numbers....
Boy 25 families waiting
Girl 31 families waiting
Sibling 10 families waiting

I am shocked that there are now 10 families waiting for siblings!!!! That is so GREAT!!

Our agency just received court/travel dates for 7 families, that will be leaving over Mother's Day, to bring their precious children home. I have a feeling that the referrals will be coming soon!

Monday, April 7, 2008


I talked to Julie (our case manager) this afternoon and got our new numbers!!!!
When we first got on the list (Feb. 28) we were....
Overall 25
Boy 14
Girl 17
Sibling 2

Overall 12
Boy 7
Girl 9
Sibling 1

We have pretty much cut all our numbers in half! I was very excited to hear this. I am really hoping to get a referral soon so we can travel before courts close. In Ethiopia the courts shut down for two months (August and September), so we wouldn't be able to travel until late October or even November.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

We've been STYLIZED!!

We just had our blog "stylized" by Blogs For A Cause!
I love it! Nikki (from blogs for a cause) has styled many blogs that I follow.
I finally decided it was time for this blog to have a face lift.
It was $20 to have her style the blog. $15 will go toward a missions trip she will be on this summer and $5 will be donated to a different "cause."
Check it out!
Adoption Update:
We should be getting our monthly call very soon and will (maybe) find out a little more information.