Saturday, December 22, 2007


We had Christmas for my husbands side of the family yesterday. Both of my sister-in-laws are pregnant (both due in Jan. within one week of each other). We thought it would be fun to take "pregnancy" pictures. We didn't know what to do for me since my baby is not growing inside my tummy (but is growing in my heart). My daughter had gotten a "baby" (doll) for Christmas and we thought it would be fun to use that. Here is a picture of all three of us "expecting" mothers! I can't wait to see what next Christmas will be like with 3 new little ones.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Why Adoption?

Why adoption?
This is probably the question we are asked the most, so here it goes.
We are adopting because we think it's biblical....."Religion that God our father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress....." James 1:27. No, we don't think that means everybody should or has to adopt. We feel that God places the desire to adopt on certain people's hearts and the desire gets stronger and stronger. Michael and I have talked about adoption since we were dating. Talking soon turned into a desire and grew until we acted on it.

How we began the process.
We started searching for adoption agencies on the internet and immediately fell in love with All Gods Children International (AGCI). So we applied and got accepted!
Now we needed to find a home study agency (this would be the agency that will actually come into our home and interview us, check out our home, ect.) There were only two of them in our city and they were so busy that it would've taken forever to get our home study complete. To make a long story short......We somehow found out about an agency out of state that is licenced in our state. They are called Gods Children Adoption Agency . They got our home study done much quicker and way cheaper!

So here we are, all done with our paperwork and waiting for our baby! We are so excited!!

Okay, a post is not a post without a picture. Pictures make blogs fun, right?? Here is a picture of me and my siblings a long, long time ago. My brother (the only boy in the picture) was adopted at the age of one month old. My sister (to the way right) was adopted at one week old.
I am very thankful for them!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Our Dossier

We received our dossier in the mail on September 24, 2007. We were so excited and couldn't wait to get started on all the paperwork!

On November 14, 2007 we had everything for our dossier ready to send off to the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) office and to our agency.

We received our USCIS fingerprint appointment for December 4, 2007. We were so excited to get this done, now everything is out of our hands. There is nothing else we have to do but wait...and pray of course!
On Monday December 10, 2007 our agency emailed us to tell us our dossier was sent to Ethiopia!! All of our hard work is now in the same Country, maybe even the same City, as our baby!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Best Hairstylist in Town!!

I had a great night of getting my hair done! The young lady that did my hair was so good. We had great conversation and she was so gentle (well most of the time). The best thing is, we live together so I can get my hair done anytime!

Here is the finished product! You better call if you want an appointment, she's filling up fast!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Our Family

I thought I would show some pictures of our family.
The first one is of me (Michelle) with our two kids. The second one is of our daughter, she'll be 5 the day after Christmas. The third one is of Michael, my husband, and the kids. The last one is of our son, he'll be 2 in June (we call this one Disco Boy),

Fender Bender

I got in my first accident (that was my fault) last night. I can't believe I backed into a parked car. This is a picture of our tail-light that I broke. Not so bad, but the other car isn't looking so good. His driver side door has a pretty big dent in it and his rear view mirror is totally broke. The guy (who owns the car I hit) was not very nice to me. Which is fine, I did break his car. We ended up having to call the Cops. The Cop was super nice and made it seem like it was no big deal at all.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Our First Post

So, we finally decided to start blogging. This is not easy. I feel like I'm journaling to the whole world. I thought that I would start this blog off with one of my most favorite things...CHRISTMAS! We love Christmas at this house. Our tree goes up on or before halloween. Here is a picture of my daughter and me putting up the tree.