Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We had court today!!!!
Our baby is legally ours in the USA!!
I wish I could post her name....I love it, but I won't put my kiddos names on this blog.
Our sweet Ethiopian princess in her Ethiopian outfit!!
She is such a JOY!
My little man looking so sharp in his Ethiopian outfit!
He is so much FUN, he cracks us all up!!!

My American princess in her Ethiopian outfit!
She is my big helper and such a BLESSING to us!!!

All three kiddos after court today!
This was a VERY special day for us today!!!!
We had some of our family sitting behind us in court today. I was holding our sweet baby while answering the judges questions and she (our baby) was waving to our family and blowing them kisses:) How cute is that!! When it was all over I said "yeah" and she started clapping and said "yeah"....she also blew the judge a kiss:)
Our children are truly a JOY and BLESSING to our lives!!!!