Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dedication Sunday

We dedicated our sweet baby girl on Sunday and it was also her first birthday!!!! What a day to celebrate her life....a life that we are dedicating to Christ! We are so blessed to have this sweet child in our lives. We thank our Heavenly Father daily for her.

My thoughts are often with her Ethiopian mother. I have been praying for her lots. I want her to know what a wonderful child "G" is. The dress that "G" is wearing was a gift from her Ethiopian mother. I was teary all day long.....every time I looked at "G" I wished her Ethiopian mother could see her. I know that I am "G's" mother and I totally feel that!!! My love for her is NO different than the love I have for my other two children!! BUT I will never replace that special woman who loved her first! It was an honor to meet her while we were in Ethiopia and is an honor that God chose us to raise this amazing child. We love "G's" Ethiopian mother and pray that one day we will see her again.